Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dolphy Dies at 83 - Premiere and Award Winning Actor in the Philippines

So sad upon hearing the news that for about weeks of fighting for his life the Comedy King has finally ended up his life. He was in the hospital bed for so long that reports have been coming out that he's okay and he's still fights. But the news at around 8:30pm came out that this award winning actor has dies. A trending news that has made a great impact on the limelight.

 Who is Dolphy?

 Rodolfo Quizon in real life and is famous for his comedy films in the Philippines. Born on July 25, 1928. Leaving us all this July 10 while his birthday is coming this 25.

 Has the following as his children:

  1. Manuel "Manny Boy" Quizon 
  2. Salud "Sahlee" Quizon 
  3. Rodolfo "Dolphy Jr." Quizon Jr.
  4. Wilfredo Dominguez "Freddie" Quizon (July 27, 1956)
  5. Edgar Quizon
  6. Rolly Quizon
  7. Mariquita "Kaye" Quizon
  8. Carlos Quizon
  9. Geraldino "Dino" Quizon
  10. Edwin Quizon
  11. Ronaldo "Ronnie" Quizon
  12. Enrico "Eric" Quizon
  13. Madonna "Dana" Quizon
  14. Jeffrey "Epi" Quizon
  15. Rommel Quizon
  16. Vandolf Quizon
  17. Nicole Quizon (adopted)
  18. Zia Quizon

 Became more famous with his television appearances at:

  • John En Marsha Home 
  • Along Da Riles 
  • Pidol's Wonderland
If you still have not watched all Dolphy Quizon Movies, then grab a copy now.

Currently he is married to Zsazsa Padilla - renowned singer and actress in the Philippines.

Dolphy's cause of death:
Dolphy was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. On June 16, 2012, he was admitted at the Makati Medical Center and then later on was brought up again in the hospital because of pneumonia. And this July 10 @ the age of 83, he was declared dead. RIP to the King of Comedy Dolphy.

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